Recovery from pornography
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About YouthSTAR

This program is designed specifically for youth to recover from sexual addiction

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YouthSTAR is a program designed for adolescents who struggle with pornography and other compulsive sexual behaviors. It offers support to both teens and their parents.

YouthSTAR is a network of independent clinics and private practitioners providing treatment for teens struggling with pornography and sexual addictions. YouthSTAR offers a unique program designed to help adolescents and their parents find lasting recovery and healing using a specific treatment path.

YouthSTAR trained therapists provide weekly group or individual therapy sessions using the YouthSTAR system, which employs an innovative series of workbooks and multiple modalities of treatment to guide adolescents through the different stages of recovery and healing.

Program Provides:

For Therapists:

  • Therapists receive training in the use of the YouthSTAR curriculum
  • Trained therapists retain exclusive access to YouthSTAR workbooks and training materials
  • The YouthSTAR program can be provided in an outpatient or residential setting
  • The program is flexible and can be used with individual clients or with groups

For Adolescents:

  • Teens will learn about the impact pornography has on their brain, emotions, and relationships
  • Teens will understand more about their addiction and how to stop using pornography
  • Teens will learn in a safe, confidential and interactive class setting
  • Teens will complete 8 workbooks full of tools and resources

For Parents:

  • Learn how to create safety so you can effectively address your teen's pornography use
  • Learn why teens become addicted and why they can't stop on their own
  • Improve your relationship with your teen
  • Learn how to offer your teen ongoing support
  • Learn how to reduce the impact pornography has on family members
  • Parents will receive a Parent Manual which provides valuable direction and guidance. The manual includes a copy of the curriculum used in the teen program.

Initial screening required for participation. The initial screening with group facilitator includes:

  • Assessment to determine severity of pornography problems
  • Individual and combined interviews with parents and teen
  • Treatment recommendations to help get teen started in recovery
  • Answers to specific questions about your family's needs

The YouthSTAR program is flexible and can be used with individual clients or within a group setting.

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