Recovery from pornography
and sexual addiction
is possible
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Success Stories
Real people that have experienced real healing

"The most powerful thing about the LifeSTAR program is the knowledge and awareness this brings about...I can definitely see a huge change in my partner. It brings hope back into my life that recovery is possible" - Partner

"I gained powerful insights and hope with tools that I know will give me the ability to change"- Addict

"I have looked forward with excitement each week in coming to these classes. It is very encouraging and uplifting. It's exciting to see the changes in me and in my husband"- Partner

"The program has helped me dedicate myself to true recovery. It helped me recognize a lot of things and is helping me form a foundation that will help me throughout my life"- Addict

"I didn't feel that I needed this program. However, I have learned some toxic behaviors I keep doing and with this program I feel more peace in the past six weeks than I've felt in the past six years"- Partner

See how Lifestar Changed the Lives of Chris and Melanie

"I felt like I had my eyes opened up to some of the issues that might be playing a part in my addiction. This was a godsend in my life"- Addict

"It was worth my time, money, scheduling work schedules, arranging child care, and any other sacrifice"- Partner

"The group setting is awesome. I like the focus on each individual to help the relationship. I really enjoyed the workbooks"- Addict

"I gained powerful insights and hope..."
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