Recovery from pornography
and sexual addiction
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About LifeSTAR
This National Program helps people recover from pornography addiction

LifeSTAR is:

  • * Focused on Lasting Sobriety AND Recovery for Individuals & Couples
    * For Couples, Focused on Healing TOGETHER
    * Youth Sex Addiction Program (ages 12-17)
    * National Network of Therapists Qualified in Sexual Addiction
    * Applying the Latest Addiction and Brain Research

LifeSTAR is a three-phase treatment program aimed at helping individuals who struggle with pornography addiction and unwanted sexually compulsive behaviors. The phases of treatment build on one another providing a long-term and comprehensive approach to eliminating addictive/compulsive sexual behaviors.

LifeSTAR is a nationally recognized treatment program run by licensed therapists who are trained in sexual addiction recovery. Participants receive workbooks and other materials to help them through the recovery process. The phases are specifically designed to gently uncover and heal patterns that create and maintain addictive behaviors.

The primary feature setting LifeSTAR apart from other treatment programs is the support offered to spouses and partners of addicts. A major focus in each of the three phases is providing spouses and partners with educational information and tools that help in the healing process. Couples are encouraged to attend together, but single adults and those who are married but would rather come alone are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

LifeSTAR provides participants with a combination of group therapy, education, tools, and resources to help overcome unwanted sexually compulsive behaviors. Partners receive strong support and guidance as to how they can best manage their life as they live with someone struggling with sexual addiction.

LifeSTAR is the premier program that helps people recover

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