Recovery from pornography
and sexual addiction
is possible
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LifeSTAR Treats:.
Couple Challenges
Internet Pornography
Infidelity and Affairs
Compulsive Masturbation
Online Relationships
Sexual Compulsivity
Women's Sex/Love Addictions
Pre-Marital Compulsive Sex
Youth Sex Addiction - and more
Why Not Just 12 Step Group? 12 Step programs provide emotional and 'spiritual' fellowship support, which are the first steps toward recovery.  Specialized sexual addiction treatment like LifeSTAR completes the journey with comprehensive psychological healing, tools, and skills crucial for sustainable individual and relationship recovery.
Brain Research Research studies demonstrate that sexual compulsivity literally damages the portion of the brain which regulates moral judgment in ways similar to 'real' drugs (cocaine, meth, etc). This damage makes it extremely difficult to achieve and sustain sobriety without specialized treatment. The Good News: the brain starts to repair itself after several months of treatment.
What About Spouses? Research shows that treating the couple together is significantly more effective in building lasting relationships, hope, joy and emotional connectedness — all these are needed to battle for your own heart and the hearts of those you love.

Many traditional support & counseling approaches either treat the partner individually or leave them out of the process entirely.

Sobriety Recovery Sobriety is a period of time without viewing pornography or 'acting out.' Recovery involves uncovering and healing the things that drove the addiction in the first place. It involves setting healthy boundaries and expectations, and healthy patterns of interaction. It is learning to manage the underlying thoughts & emotions. Without successful recovery work, sobriety does not last.

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